Peter harris at the year 2016

Peter harris at the year 2016

this year is the year of peter harris 2016! he show all the increible skills at the island Barbados.

he can teach any user in 4 munth all the secrets of the karate he known. he more than 55 years ago start lern the famous technics from the master oshi from this same island.

the master oshi barbados lern peter all he known about the old and very powerfull Martial Arts at this year he know almost all the secretes and at 2017 peter harris will try to make this guide online for shere with every one the good life of karate.

peter harris 2016



to lern more about this Martial Arts you can going to wikipedia to lern more about this karate. the link is:


not all the begginers will be start like peter  this will be very herd to get him level – just keep try and going to the next level not metter what.

goos luck to all!


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