About Master Peter

Master Peter Harris Barbados (62), has spent a life dedicated to mastering the arts of Karate and Judo. After having won numerous medals and accolades in various fighting tournaments all over the globe, he continues to impart the knowledge and skill of the art of fighting to his students all over the globe. What sets master apart is the discipline that he follows- ever since the start, he has maintained a routine of beginning his practice with the sunrise, and has stuck to it since.
Karate and Judo are not aggressive fighting techniques – but are techniques that we can use to channel our energy and use it for something constructive. With this as his belief, he has taught over hundreds of students over the years and helped them attain discipline, confidence and strength in their lives. Master Peter Harris Barbados believes that he is teaching a way of life – and just a way of defense or offense, and this helps his students learn better.
When it comes to Judo and Karate, dedication and practice are key – and with over 55 years of input, one can easily see what all he has to offer. For those who wish to not just learn Judo / Karate, but also imbibe it into their lives and use them to become better people – he is the one person who knows the way. As you enter into class and witness what years of experience and discipline in your life have helped you achieve, you will realize what sets him apart from the rest.